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So happy to have spent my birthday weekend at Huckin Catalina Wine Flicker with my ultimate team! 

So I feel awkward posting this on other social media pages but I need to be proud of myself publicly for a sec.
I’ve been weight lifted a lot and biking a ton and I am finally getting in really good shape. I can consistently do 5 sets of 6 reps with 35lb dumbbells (bench pressing) and do 5 sets of 10 shoulder presses with 20lb and I do a lot of other arms stuff and leg press and squats and calf raises. I can plank for 2 minutes straight and I ran 3 1/3 miles straight on Tuesday.
I really like weight lifting and it makes me feel really powerful and I can’t wait to get so freakin jacked.
That’s all. Carry on, tumblr.

Really missing ma booooo

Nights on the beach are beautiful

Growing my hair out over the last 5 months (march 16th-august 7th)

My buzzcut is now officially a pixie cut!


@ijustneedsomehelphere. My best friend Amanda shaved her head! :)

AWW brenna is the greatest <3

My brenna is such a cuuuutie.
I guess this is what a 1.5 guard does
it’s Britney, bitch
Outfit of the day. 
Urban Outfitters circle skirt
Cheetah shirt from a thrift store
Trouser socks from target.
I never want to be a blondie again.

I love my new dress! $5 from Urban Outfitters.

My blue hair braid looks sweeet. Also yay purple makeups

I looove my overalls ^-^